I've always been passionate about technology and human behavior. Realizing that I could combine psychology's knowledge with design led me to enter the UX/UI universe. I feel fulfilled and excited to learn by working on projects that have a big impact on people's lives.
I believe that collaboration, empathy, organization and focus are keys to develop memorable and meaningful designs.

My experience as a psychologist allowed me to learn a lot about communication and how it can bring us closer to people. Thus, I find it very easy to put myself in someone

Hello! This is me

else's shoes, considering this a fundamental value while developing user-centered solutions.

I'm looking forward to start a new career as a designer, always embracing user's perspective and using design as an approach to deliver exceptional solutions.

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You can click on the button below to download my curriculum:

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Hard Skills

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  • Design Thinking

  • User-centered Design

  • UX Research

  • Lean UX

  • Agile Methods

  • Information Architecture

  • Wireframing and Prototyping

  • Usability Testing

  • Design System

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